How to Integrate FieldEdge with ReviewBuzz



ReviewBuzz integration with FieldEdge is quick and straightforward to setup. The following steps explain how to enable ReviewBuzz in your FieldEdge along with setting up the individual employee integration.

  • Note: These steps will need to be repeated for each Employee that require ReviewBuzz integration 


1. Login to your ReviewBuzz Account.

2. On the ReviewBuzz Dashboard, click Settings | Team Members.

3. Click the Edit button associated with the Team Member you wish to integrate with FieldEdge.

4. On the following screen, take note of the Employee ID and copy the Link provided below the Employee BuzzLink section.

5. Then, in FieldEdge, go to Settings | Global Settings | scroll to the Integrations section.

6. Make sure ReviewBuzz is selected under the Reputation Management section and click Save.

7. In FieldEdge, go to SettingsPeopleEmployees.

8. Click on the Employee whose Link you copied from Step 4.

9. Enter the ReviewBuzz Employee ID and paste the Buzz Link that you copied in Step 4.

10. When finished click Update.

This employee is now set up with ReviewBuzz integration. Repeat these steps for any additional employees that you wish to integrate with ReviewBuzz.

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  • Not enough detail.

    "copy the Link provided below the Employee BuzzLink section." - Does not specify which link since there are TWO links. The profile link and the review link.

    And you probably need to explain the "ReviewBuzz Employee ID" field on the employee in FieldEdge. Is it manditory and what exactly is put into this field.

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  • Hey Frank, thanks for the feedback! We reviewed your suggestions and synced internally and made changes where necessary. Thanks again!

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