How to create a Parts Request from the office



Part Requests allow FieldEdge to integrate with QuickBooks Purchase Orders.
A request can be created by a FieldEdge mobile user or a FieldEdge office user.
To learn how to create a Parts Request from the mobile application, click here.
To learn how to retrieve and manage a Parts Request from the FieldEdge mobile application, click here.

Detailed Steps

1. First, head to the Work Orders list in FieldEdge.


2. Click on the Work Order that requires a Parts Request.


3. From the selected Work Order screen, click on the Purchases tab.


4. Next, click on the Add Request button.


5. On the following screen, click into the Vendor field and enter the correct Vendor.


6. Next, click into the Requester Name field and pick the Employee that is making the request.


Optional: The Request Date field will default to the current date. If you need to change this, click into the field and pick the appropriate date. This is just the date that the Parts Request is created.


7. Click into the Expected Delivery Date and enter the estimated date you believe the parts will arrive in your warehouse from the vendor.


Optional: FieldEdge automatically assigns the Part Request# field. But if you wish to manually assign your own number, then click into the Part Request# field and provide a numerical value.

Note: The Purchase Order# field is maintained in QuickBooks and can not be edited in FieldEdge.


8. Next add item(s) to the request through the Select an Item field.


9. Then, place a check in each box associated to any items that should be on the created Purchase Order.


Note: If at least one item is left unchecked, the Parts Request will remain open and more items can be added later. Each time the Create PO with Selected Parts has been clicked, a new Purchase Order will generate in QuickBooks.


10. After the items have been added, click into the Notes field and provide an explanation of the Parts Request or context for the order.


11. Click Create PO with Selected Parts.


Optional: Clicking Save for Later will save the Parts Request and allow for editing and creating the Purchase Order at a later time.


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