How to take a check payment in the office with Clearent Payments


When FieldEdge Payments is enabled, users can capture payments manually or automatically. The following guide will detail the check method of payment in FieldEdge.

Take a Check Payment in the Office

  • Note: FieldEdge uses ACH check payments and does not support Check 21 payment recording. Check 21 takes a picture of the check, disposing of the check number, and not allowing for recurring payments.

While in FieldEdge, recall a Work Order with a due balance. This can be done through the Work Orders list or Invoices list.

1. From the Work Order screen, choose the Payments tab.


2. In the Payments tab, click into the Select a Method drop-down box and choose your Check method of pay.



3. After the Check method of pay has been selected, click the Enter Manually link.


Note: There must be a payment, greater than zero and less than the total Invoice amount, in the Amount field.

4. After selecting the Enter Manually button, you will need to provide the checks details. First, choose if this is a Checking or Savings account.


5. Next you will provide the Routing Number and Account # of the check.


6. Then, type in the Account Holder Name in the field provided.


7. Lastly, click the Save button to finalize the payment.


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  • If we were to enter the banking details from the check and use ACH payment in FieldEdge would we not need to physically deposit checks at the bank any longer? Is there special set-up required from Clearent for this ability?

  • No special setup required! With ACH you will be using the banking account and routing information. This allows FieldEdge to deposit that check. Therefore you will not need to physically deposit that check with the bank.

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