FieldEdge Regional Seminar Schedule



During the FieldEdge Regional Seminar, our Product Experts will dive into a range of topics, including how to invoice for profit and setup your agreements, all while learning best practices and ways to offer options for your customers. We’ll help you communicate with your customers more effectively and provide ways to make dispatching more efficient. We’ll talk about working with parts and navigating how to accept quotes, track inventory and setup items and categories. We’ll explore why focusing on your profitability is one of the most powerful things you can do to set you up for success and help you manage job costs so you can tie it all together.

On both days, breakfast will be served from 8AM - 9AM with training beginning at 9AM. Lunch will be served at noon. Tickets for the two-day seminar are $949 for the first attendee from your company, and $849 for any additional attendees that join.

Stay tuned for more regional dates and locations!

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