Release Notes: December 6, 2019


Save ACH Info for Recurring Payments

ACH information can now be saved and applied to recurring payments for customers when using FieldEdge Payments.

Enhanced Customer Search

We're improving the logic behind the customer search function making it more user-friendly, so you'll see more relevant results. With an exciting change of this magnitude, each customer gets updated one-by-one, so many users see the improved searching immediately, while others may not experience the updated functionality until their database is updated in the upcoming weeks. We promise we're working hard to get this completed as quickly as possible for all users!

New "Pay Now" Insert Code for Communication Templates

We've added a new insert code into the Communication Templates for all invoices, quotes, and bill reminders so your customers can pay their invoices or quotes with one-click when using FieldEdge Payments. To set this up, simply insert the new [pay_invoice_link] code into your templates.

Reassign Primary Technician

From the office, you can now easily select a new primary technician from a drop-down list right on the work order details pop-up screen from the dispatch board.

Schedule Unavailable Time Slots

You now have the ability to schedule a work order over a technician's unavailable time on the dispatch board. You'll be prompted to confirm whether you'd like to schedule over that time before saving when working from the office. Additionally, when using the "Book for Later" option to schedule work orders in the office, the gray unavailable time slots can now be scheduled as well.

Take Payment on Completed Work Orders

Completed a work order in the field without taking payment first? Technicians can now accept payment on work orders that have already been completed, right from the mobile app.

Mobile Updates

Mobile updates will be released the week of December 8th. Watch out for our update in the app store to ensure you have the most recent enhancements and bug fixes.

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