Release Notes: January 3, 2020


Using Checks with "Pay Now"

in an effort to give more options to your customers, they will now have the option to pay their invoices online using ACH with the "Pay Now" feature with FieldEdge Payments. 

Enhanced Customer Search

With this release, we're working on improving the logic behind the customer search function to be more friendly and return more relevant results. These updates are now completed, and all FieldEdge users should now experience the enhanced search functionality!

Easily Locate Completed Work Orders

To combat having to scroll through a long list of work orders, you can now search completed work orders on the mobile application. Technicians in the field can search their completed work order list by work order number, customer name, or address.

Mobile Updates

We've been dedicated to improving the overall performance and stability of our mobile application over the past several months. We've added new fail-safes for timeouts due to slow or limited connectivity, as well as additional precautions to prevent overwriting work order data when logging in and out of multiple devices.

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