Release Notes: February 14, 2020


See Your Invoice Numbers in the Clearent Virtual Terminal

When processing a payment with FieldEdge Payments, the associated invoice number is now sent over to your Virtual Terminal. From your Virtual Terminal, simply click "Choose Columns", then select "Invoice" to see this update.

Alerted of Unavailable Time

We have enhanced the usability of the Unavailable Time feature by alerting you directly from the call screen when you are scheduling a work order over a time slot already marked as unavailable.

Easily Change Primary Tech

We've relocated the Primary Technician drop-down box so it's in a more convenient location when editing your work orders. Continue updating the primary tech on a work order with ease by selecting any technician already assigned to the work order from the dropdown and saving your changes.

Address Clickable from Customer List

On mobile, we've added the ability to click on an address directly from the customer list to view the location on a map and get directions, just like you can do from the work order screen.

Dispatch Priority Added to Mobile

Added the dispatch priority to work orders. This is displayed as a flag on the mobile app just as it appears in the office.

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