Release Notes: March 20, 2020


Hiding Export Button on Reports and Lists

When you want to keep classified information from falling into the wrong hands, being able to limit access for some employees is key. Office Admins can now control which office hers can export list data. All existing users will have this permission turned on by default. For employees who don't need this access, simply turn it off by un-checking the "Ability to Export List" checkbox in the User tab of the Employee Settings page. Make sure to save any changes.

Accounting System Name Change

We're doing some preliminary maintenance to accommodate future integrations with other accounting systems. You may notice that we've replaced "QuickBooks" with "Accounting System" throughout FieldEdge. Everything will still sync to your company's QuickBooks in the same manner, so no need to worry!

Unique Invoice Numbers for Agreements

You'll soon have the ability to generate unique invoice numbers before customers pay for an agreement!

  • This feature is currently enabled by request-only, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in turning it on.

We've added a new "Create Agr. invoice" option when setting up an agreement that is configured to be billed from the office. When this option is selected, agreement invoices will be created and posted to your accounting system before the agreement is paid, and will generate unique invoices for that specific agreement. You can also specify the terms of the invoice and choose whether the invoice will post as completed or finalized.

Additionally, there will be a new "Invoice Creation" communication template which will be emailed to your customers on the specified day the agreement invoice is created and sent to your accounting system.

Credit Card Zip Code Tracking

We recently learned about policy changes where certain credit card companies will begin charging additional transaction fees for payments taken without an authorized zip code. To support these changes, we've added logic behind the scenes to capture the zip code when you use FieldEdge Payments.

Want to learn more about FieldEdge Payments? Click HERE to get started today!

Mobile Updates

All mobile updates are expected to be released the week of March 23rd. Watch out for our update in the app store to ensure you have the most recent enhancements and bug fixes. 

If you ever encounter any mobile issues, please reach out to our Support team so we can help you with a resolution as quickly as possible.

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