Release Notes: May 15, 2020


Updated Item Creation and Edit Screens

When creating new items,  you'll be prompted to choose the item type before continuing with the setup process. From there, you'll be shown a new item creation screen that will have all applicable fields, so you don't overlook an important part of the setup.

Multiple Agreements on Mobile (Premier Feature)

Technicians will be able to see all agreement plans for a customer while out in the field, through a new agreement plans page. Technicians will have the ability to offer upgrades, renewals, and sell additional agreement plans from the field. When the work order is complete, the updated agreement information will transfer seamlessly to the office.

 In-App Reminders on Mobile (Premier Feature)

We've expanded the reminders functionality to the mobile app. Technicians with full mobile access will see a new reminders section on their assigned work orders. From the work order, they can add, view, edit, complete, and dismiss reminders. We've also added a reminders list that can be viewed from the menu on the home screen of the mobile app. This list will allow a technician to see all of the pending reminders they have created.

Mobile supervisors will have the added ability to view all pending reminders for office and mobile, helping them see at a glance what their entire team is up to.

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