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Custom Reports is a fantastic feature for Premier Members. With this feature, you will be able to customize an existing report to show the valuable information needed. This allows for a report to add or remove columns, arrange columns, edit which data should be seen on a report, and save commonly used reports for later use. The below video will go over how to navigate to a report and customize the information through the design editor. 

Customizing Reports

Use the following steps to navigate to and customize a report.

1. From the left-side menu click Reports.

2. Choose which report you'd like to view and customize, using the categories for further navigation.

  • Note: You will need to click Customize Reports at the top of this list if this is your first time using this feature.

3. To customize this report click Edit from the top menu and choose Design.

4. From the designer, you can click the Plus button to add more filters. Click Apply Filter when you have your desired filters.

  • Note: Clicking an existing filter allows you to customize how it's displayed or delete it completely from this report.

5. To edit the columns on the report, hover over the top of the report preview to see a green title bar and click Switch to Configuration Mode.

6. In the Columns box, you can rearrange the column order or delete existing columns. Add new columns by dragging them from the Data Source menu on the left, to the Columns section of the report configuration. 

7. Click Save As to create this as a memorized report. You will be able to name and choose a category to save your report.

  • Note: If you're editing an existing custom report, you can click Save to update it for further use.

8. Click Report Viewer to navigate back to this report. 

  • Note: If saved as a memorized report, you can navigate back to this report from the Reports section and selecting it from the category that it was saved under.
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